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The filming of Tai Pan

Eye of the Wind starring as 'White Witch'

Eye of the Wind starring as 'White Witch' Eye of the Wind starring as 'White Witch'

In fact I am not sure the name of the ship 'White Witch' appears in the movie at all. It simply doesn't suit the look of the ship very well. I am not sure any normal person realized the decks houses are somewhat white. If people realized the difference at all, it was probably for the colour of the sails.
When carefully looking at the right hand picture, you'll realize the horizon isn't horizontal at all. It was more visible in the full size picture, but I cut all the water off. When doing a private snap shot, this happens accidently and should be avoided. Here, the filming crew decided the ship was sailing too much tack for landlubbers to believe, so they deliberatly changed the setting of their camera.

Please note the ship has swords on the fore deck (next the galley door), probably to encourage the crew once their boss becomes too hard to bear...

midships with bowsprit and focs'le entrance in the background from monkey poop to the bow entering midships The wheelbox in 'White Witch camouflage The brand new tan sails, supposed to remain for long
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