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Typical atoll beach - click to enlarge!
Typical scenery of an beach of an island atoll.

a settlement in the Florida island group - click to enlarge!
A small settlement somewhere on the Florida Island group.

island of Makatea type - click to enlarge!
An island in the Russells group. These sheer rock walls continue below the ocean surface, sometimes to the extent of several hundred meters or more. This made for great diving and safe sailing.

Makatea island coast - click to enlarge!
This island, like the upper one, represents the Makatea type of islands. A flat plateau lifted above sea level without hills or mountains, not even real beach. The word originates from Makatea island in the Tuamotus, French Polynesia, the most famous example.

Coconutpalm growing on a rock - click to enlarge!
One of the many strange but delightful sights in the Solomons. Florida group.

atoll coast - click to enlarge!
A typical coastal scene this time on the inside looking out; rather than the other way around.

natural whirlpool
Water resources were carefully marshalled on board so we quickly learned to savour every opportunity to bathe in fresh water. Judging by my tan this shot was taken quite late in the trip.

Peter Maynard
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