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Panama to Fiji - pictures of Don McLeod

Don McLeod climbing the mast of the Eye

with comments and descriptions of Richard Grono and help of Liz Castleton

This is from a message I received from Eric Huffey:

"A buddy of mine who has recently passed away was on an early voyage, I think the first one from England to Australia. I think he was on from Panama onwards including Pitcairn, and I have his photo album."

Eric felt, Don would like to see his pictures displayed here, and so he scanned some of them for us. Find here, what he sent me yet, more may follow now and then.

It is a bit difficult for all of us, as we cannot ask Don for details anymore. So if you feel, something was mixed up, should be corrected or you simply want to leave a comment, please tell us, so everything can get fixed.
Richard Grono wrote me, the pictures were taken from January to April, 1982 as Don was on board from Panama to Fiji. The following picture descriptions are mainly what he mailed me in Nov. 2004. He was the Skipper from Faversham (joined May, 1976) until Singapore in January 1978 and again from Southampton in Oct 1981 until Sydney in January 1983. On both trips his family of Monika and their sons Nicholas and Andrew also worked their passage.
If you can add even more information or find yourself on one of the pictures, please tell us!

Eye of the Wind 1977
The Eye with white hull. According to Richard, she only was white for some four years. Apart from that she was black or dark green.
She looks to have the French ensign at the foremast truck, so, as it was not painted white until Oct/Nov, 1978 in England, it must be 1979 to 1982 and it could be during Operation Drake or it could be in Polynesia in 1982.

Steve Glenn and Skipper Richard Grono  Tom Christian, Pitcairn
Steve Glenn and Richard Grono, Tom Christian from Pitcairn

The barbershop in the Lower Saloon
The "Barbershop Quarter Shipboard style": Don McLeod, Justin Morgan, Richard Grono and Len Watson, photographed in the lower saloon.
Tiger Timbs and bosun Peter Malcolm
Tiger Timbs and bosun Peter Malcolm
Don McLeod, Justin Morgan(San Francisco) and Len Watson(Sydney)
The Three Musketeers, as the inseparable Don McLeod, Justin Morgan (San Francisco) and Len Watson (Sydney) were known.

Dr Trish Holdway Dr Trish Holdway
Dr Trish Holdway (Marine Biologist) who joined Operation Drake in 1978 for 3 months and stayed for 4 years. She now lives in Sydney.

surface trawl for plancton
Surface trawl for plancton

Len Watson and Linda Nossiter
Len Watson with Linda (now Linda Nossiter - living in Tasmania)
shipmates 3
Liz Tonnison, Don McLeod and Annie Wotton
Liz Tonnison, Don McLeod and Annie Wotton
DonMcLeod, Monika Grono and Justin Morgan
DonMcLeod, Monika Grono (both showing off their newly acquired Bora Bora clothing) and Justin Morgan
Beth from Sydney who sailed Panama to Suva
shipmates 8
Kerry Grono - a distant cousin of Richard's, who sailed from Teneriffe to Sydney
shipmates 7
Beth, Phil Castleton, Joe Spinelli and Monika Grono
Beth, Phil Castleton (now married to Liz Tonnison and living in Sydney with their 3 children), Joe Spinelli and Monika Grono
Bruce Phillips, Liz Tonnison (Liz Castleton), Len Watson and Beth
Bruce Phillips (engineer), Liz Tonnison, Len Watson and Beth on the forecourse yard
Richard Grono Richard Grono
Richard Grono. He does remember the chart, it is one of the Marquesas...
shipmates 13
Johnston Davidson and (probably) Tiger in the background
shipmates 14
Left to right: Kerry Grono, Joe Spinelli in the hat, Beth, Johnston Davidson and Don McLeod.
Eye of the Wind 1979
Aerial shot taken by Operation Drake in 1979 and used as a postcard

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