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Pete Lau's pictures of Operation Drake

The Ship

Young Explorers phase 7

During Op Drake Phase 7 taken place in Sulawasi. On land, I'd been participated quite a numbers of wild life survey activities in primary rain forest, such as, water sample collect from lake ____, insect and bat sample collect and treatment from catwalk and traps from tree canopy, heavy stuff delivery to mount ___ and various survey camp sites. On marine, coral reef survey, local fishermen life habit study, with the aids from Aust Air-force to track the sunken ship of Sir France Drake, and at last a lovely seven days voyage form Sulawasi to Jarkarta.
Eye of the Wind

Our mother ship, Eye of the Wind.
Eye of the Wind off Kendari

EoW taking rest and replenish in port Kendari.
local ship in tow
Towing a broken-down local goods ship away from coral reef.

poopdeck on a calm day

Then we’d a lovely calmly day.
working and more on fore the deck

Away form the bridge, the fore deck is a rather relaxed place of working - calm seas provided.
Meals in the upper saloon

Normally, meals are provided in the upper saloon, with full pleasant and informative view across the sea and the galley.
rest in the lower saloon

Still part of the spacious lower saloon, this part later became cabin 10 - and much less spacious.
in the cabin

In the cabin, where people stayed for a couple of weeks or months. Later, these cabins were changed to two beds, a sink and two shelves or lockers - what ever one wants to call it.
Chicken aboard

We'd chicken for the rest of the days in EoW.
Remark by Ray Baldock:
The person could be Wandy Swaleswhat and what a great guy he was. He was ex British Army and somehow tied in the John Blashford-Snell. He was sort of chief of the advanced party in Indonesia leading the set up of the camp. He went back to Indonesia running a tour company. He died of a heart attack a few years ago. after living life to the full and on often times on the edge.
Fish we caught

And we'd fishes.

____ with Fredy Wong up on the beam tidy-up the sail nicely, prepare for official visit when entering Jakarta port.
We headed to Camp Ranu Foremast down
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