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Dear Voyager,

A bit of news and gossip from the Eye of the Wind for all those who follow her adventures. The passage from Cairns to Thursday Island via Cooktown was blessed with fair South East Trade Winds and highlighted by a night watching thousands of sea turtles laying their eggs on islands off the far north coast.

From Thursday Island the ship continued on up through Indonesian waters with some memorable days including one on which we celembrated an hilarious 'crossing of the line' ceremony with old King Neptune and his entourage aboard. In the afternoon of that same day we saw perhaps a dozen large sperm whales. Some were able to get very close to with everyone blazing away with cameras; it was a day few of us will never forget.

We had a few days in Palau to check out some diving spots then headed north for Hong Kong and "Taipan" (the movie).

The winds gradually picked up after almost dead calms around Indonesia until off the north-east Philippines coast we were logging some spectacular days runs and ensuring arrival on time to begin preparations for filming. Much of our time when not filming off the China coast was spent in the wonderful old Portuguese colony of Macau, with its old buildings and picturesque waterfront.

Restaurants rarely reach the top level in my list of travelling highlights but dining at Pinochio's with its fresh seafoods and lovely Portuguese fare comes very close.

The filming was fun for the crew who all dressed up as 19th century sailors; come think of it, some looked more respectable than usual. It was fascinating to be part of a large international film company using such exotic locations.

Eye of the Wind is now finishing off its annual refit in Macau with brand new timber capping rails and freezers, before setting off for diving and trekking in Micronesia.

After a short rest in Cairns in September we are scheduled to set sail on a delivery voyage of six months to the U.K. in readiness to take part in the re-enactment of the sailing of the First Fleet form England to Australia. A grand project to say the least, it gives us the opportunity to offer some berths on our delivery voyage. This is a pretty rare chance these days to sail on one of the last old cargo-carrying square riggers in the world as she makes her way through the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, following the traditional sailing ship trades winds. This, incidentally, will complete her third circumnavigation of the world.

This voyage brings with it the delights of ocean sailing, sail handling, steering a square rigger 'by the wind'. Deck watches to brush up on navigation or marlin spike seamanship under the guidance of our crew and plenty of time left over to observe nature and all its wonderful sea life.

Some will be privileged to take part in that very rare ceremony of crossing the line on a square rigger, once a part of life in commercial sail and now, sadly, vanishing from our seas.

Time away from the 9 to 5 where you can indulge in a project or relax in the sun with a good book or someone who has read one!

This type of world voyage is becoming very rare; the ships and the skilled crews have all disappeared. We, Adventure Under Sail, proudly offer you the chance of your lifetime.

Incidentally, our crew this year includes that lanky Yanky 'schoonerman' Wayne Chimanti, a great shipmate if you can avoid his jokes!, Young Tim and Bryce, Tiger, Lesley and a bright new team of galley slaves who will keep you well fed if nothing else.

If you are interested in a voyage or would like further information just give us a call,

Cheers for now,

Rod Clarke

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