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Big event in London
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Returning to London after Operation Drake

Tower Bridge opened for the Eye

After Operation Drake, the return of it's flagship to London was a big event. Not only for the Eye and her crews, even for people not being involved in the whole matter at all. These pictures were sent to me by Stephanie Bassett 35 years after. This is, what she wrote:

It was an English December day (...) and my camera was just a simple one. (...) It's such a long time ago that I can't remember why I was there as I had no personal connection with the ship, but I think a friend of mine at the time had a relative on board. Even so, The Eye of the Wind's arrival was a big event in London and many people came along to welcome her back. The armed forces had displays of equipment (I have a photo of a Hawk aircraft and a tank), and the band of the Royal Marines was also there.
Eye of the Wind approaching Tower Bridge
passing battleships
passing the docklands
press interviews visitors entering
Press interview. The tall blonde one in the middle is Dan Yates.
coloured smoke

© Stephanie Bassett, with hint by Ros Lewis

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