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Pacific Pictures

The crew

1988 crew of the Eye

Deb, Tiger, Ross, Ray Cummins from WA, Suzy, Miss Helen, Dan Stinson.
Front: Liz, Andreas, Bill and Andrew
This crew was one of the most fun I sailed with, Dan was always telling stories, Andrew was (is) a jolly joker, Bill was in good spirits and joined in everything, Andreas and Liz formed an hysterical galley team, miss Helen was always in a good mood and up for a dive and Rossco & Suzy were (and are) my favourite sailing buddies.

Pictures of the storm off Lord Howe island

Eric: "I actually can't tell you exactly what it should look like as the photo is a ‘long’ exposure (prob 1/60th sec) which results in a blurred image with colours running into one another. Most of the screen should be white from the spray but it would be good to have sufficient contrast to give the spray some depth. The only other colour we might see is in the fore sails but they are masked by the spray too! I think the shot was taken late in the day and I cant quite figure what the ‘arc’ shaped item is in the mid right side, nor am I sure which lines are coming from the pin rail, probably mid ships but maybe Tiger will know, I figure I took it either from the dive shack door, the upper saloon door or maybe at the brake in deck aft.
Oddly I only felt in danger once during the storm, the coils from the (probably) main boom topping lift made off on a pin by the break in deck port side aft had been pushed off by waves smacking into the scuppers. The rope end had been washed out of the scupper and was trailing behind, only the figure turns on the pin were stopping the line from letting go and dropping the boom.
Anyway one of the crew and I were checking the figure of 8 turns and coiling the line (2 hands) when a particularly nasty wave came on board and lifted me off my feet.
It was by the smallest of margins that I decided to finish the coiling before returning to the relative safety of the aft deck…"


Off Tikopia

Eye of the Wind anchoring off Tikopia
Tikopia needs our help! See here for details!


Ross Pierce on the helm


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