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Plans for the centenary celebrations

Good news - the contract with Forum Media, the owners of the Eye, is signed. We will take over in Weymouth, UK, from May 29 to June 15 in Kiel, Germany. We will try to see as many friends as possible within that time.

Tiger's idea at the moment is as follows:

Monday 30 May 2011
to Friday 3 June
We would then do a 5 day trip starting on Monday in the Channel and possibly to France and back, subject to the weather.
Saturday 4 June
Sunday 5 June
Day sails and alongside in Weymouth. It is easy to get out of Weymouth at any time and there are no tide restrictions. There will also be things organised ashore.
Monday 6 June to
Wednesday 15 June
Depart Weymouth for 10 day voyage arriving in Kiel on
If necessary, we could break this up into 2 x 5 day trips, but we would sort that out as to where people would join.

The price per day depends on how many people we will be able to take, something that is not finally fixed yet. This very moment, she is restricted to 12 guests under any circumstances. If the owners manage to change her flag again, she may be permitted to carry a load of day trippers again, but that's something that can't get promised yet. Therefore, we cannot say exactly now what the cost per person will be, but expect something around 160 Euro. That's the fair deal we get, as the normal cost for 2010 is 190 Euro.

According to the contract, we will have to pay the first rate by the End of July this year.

At the moment, we don't do much, just listing people and possible shore activities. So keep relaxed, if it takes a while before we contact you again - we won't forget anyone.

As mentioned before, if you are interested and would like to make yourself known, click here to contact me and get forwarded.
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