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Model of the Eye by Nigel Woodstock

The Eye is not only a beauty in real life, she inspired some gifted model builders. After the one by David Bond, we now can proudly present another nice specimen by Nigel Woodstock. He built the model from photos and video footage taken when my wife and her sister spent a fortnight aboard, sailing from Denmark to Cornwall, England,in July/August 1996. It took him two years to complete and is 'scratch built' which he tells me means, it is made from whatever he can find and that it is not 100% scale accurate. His wife Susan made the sails for her.

The maiden voyage (radio controlled) was on Poole Park Lake, Dorset, England.

Nigel comes from a sailing family and has sailed most of his life. He taught me to sail when we met over forty years ago. He has built many fine models and won several Gold Medals.

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