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Family visit in Sicily

After the centenary in 2011 we did not really make it to sail the Eye again as a group. But for a special occasion we managed a little reunion. In the course of research we found out about her sister ship, originally called Meta, then renamed Onice. Following our research, new folks had found her and decided to revitalize the old ship for modern age merchant shipping. And as the Eye sailed the Mediterrean anyway, the owners and some of us liked the idea to reunite the old sisters. Starting off from Palermo, we would first sail to Trapani for the visit and the see where to go next. We only booked in for a week, a time frame we all weren't used to. It would take us time to understand the restrictions.

Anyway when arriving, we did not only enjoy familiar faces of us and some of the ship's crew. We also liked to see that she is still very well kept and gently modernized. And especially in this climate the cabin aircon keeps us from seeking sleep on deck - at least, as long as we don't forget to turn it on at the right time...

Us, that is Kay Jaumees and Anne, Claire, Irene and Daniele and me. We enjoy to meet again after quite a time and make friends with new travel mates who also happend to be frequent Eye guests.

Next morning, we set sails for San Vito lo Capo. We enjoy the rare good breeze and a group of dolpins enjoyed the ride along the bow. A promising start!
start Trapani Levanzo Lipari

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