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Eye of the Wind approaching Weymouth

The Centenary Charter

Not many ships survive 10 decades these days and all of the people involved in their destiny did a great job - no matter in what condition the ship is in that age.

Ours, the Eye, began it's life with the first of many emotional moments, one that instantly turned into an economical decision, too: Her first owner and captain came to the shipyard, saw another ship, the Meta, under construction and instantly ordered a copy of her. No matter how much he liked her, he certainly did not guess what remarkable life she'd have.

Many other emotional moments with financial impact followed, the most important of them in 1973, when she was burnt out and a candidate for the scrap yard. She then was purchased by Adventure Under Sail to begin her second life as a shiny ocean traveller with live cargo from all over the world.

This is the way most of us met her and the way she changed the lives of so many of us. And as she is a member of our families, many people came together to celebrate her centenary. See here the reports, pictures and videos of three weeks of charter and the party in Hooke.


Ina, picture by Chris Roche

Week 1 Hooke Party Week 2 Week 3

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