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Eye of the Wind sailing with the friends again?

Hi guys,

there are news to report about our old ship. The new owners now confessed they have problems to fill the ship as they expected to. As they planned to double and triple the price they thought the old address list was useless for them and didn't buy it along with the ship. Now they failed to make enough new clients and contacted Jonathan Kearsley for help. You may know him and his sister Jenny as they were permanent crew for quite a while.

Jonathan worked out plans and contacted people for the almost instant sailing holiday offered. Tiger agreed to help with his address book, too. But then things didn't make progress anymore and the previously planned voyages for the Friends of the Eye started without them.
The plan isn't canceled yet, but in hibernation. It may go forward again at any time, maybe as sudden as it started. So if interested make yourself known and contact us so we can pass you any offers as soon as they come in. Also, you may join our mailing list to keep in touch with the current affairs.


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