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The book is out now!

It took a while and communication across the whole planet, but in the end, it's here! Ulf Kaack and Harald Focke did a deep dive into her history and present years: from the shipyard on, all over her early years in the trade, her time as a fishing vessel off Iceland, when the masts were cut down, the fire that nearly made her end, her new life as a proud square rigger with Tiger and us and now her recent years as upmarket cruise- and training ship.

A lot was discovered in her history that even the owners did not know before. Pictures of the stages of her career through more than a century in a world of dramatic changes - changes, that also left their impact in the business and equipment of the vessel. Still, it's not simply facts. The authors managed to find a number of witnesses through her history: the people who built, run, observed and simply enjoyed her through the years are cited to make the picture complete.

We loved her before, but really to learn about all her stages impressed even us, who helped to make it real and provided some of the information and pictures of the book.

The book is in German. Germany is her current main market and the owner is German, so this makes sense. But it does not mean it always needs to remain that way! There is plan and chance to transform the book to English - not a simple translation, also an adaption to what the people who know her from the years between 1973 and 2000, when she became famous all over the world. What we need are people who can take part in the process of making a book - all skills from bookkeeping (well, the money...) to artistic approach are welcome! If you feel you would like to do some enjoyable, but unpaid work, let us know!


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