Eye of the Wind book

Eye of the Wind

our memories of sailing this beautiful brigantine

On our last voyage with the Eye under the command of Tiger Timbs, Kay Jaumees had a great idea. We shoud recall the great time we had by telling us the stories of our life with the ship. Tiger did the beginning and we managed to cover all the years right from the first voyage in 1976. It was the beginning of this website, back in 2001.
Over the years, we managed to collect a lot of memories of our sailing voyages and finally made it to publish The Ship That Changed A Thousand Lives with these memories - available on Amazon and via all bookstores with a connection to Ingram.
Then, after 20 years of faithful service, our provider shut down and therefore, the website had to find another server to live on. But when it was there, it turned out the PHP 3 technology it was built on is not supported anymore. In other words, to stay in the web, it had to be stripped down to its single pieces and then rebuilt anew from scratch. It would have been a fulltime job for weeks or months. I don't have the time anymore. Neither, I want to deal with the new technology, as I wouldn't have any other use for it.
Therefore, this website goes offline around January 8th, 2024. Until then, anyone can download all texts, pictures and videos that used to live here (2 GB!). Regard this collection as a Lego box: it's all neatly sorted in there, but it's single pieces to be re-arranged your way. No special computer programs required, normal office skills are useful. And if you want to view the videos of the website and even more, visit the book's Facebook site!

It was a great time - with the ship and with the website, too!

Thanks for everything!



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